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eTesting Student Conduct

Updated Spring 2017


  • Early check-in begins at 15 minutes before the exam start time
  • Late check-in lasts only 15 minutes; please do not request exceptions from the staff
  • All testing stops at 11 p.m., even if you check-in after 10 p.m.
  • Student ID should be in-hand before reaching the check-in turnstiles
  • Items allowed by your instructor should be in-hand
  • Staff cannot loan you forgotten items
  • Stow all other items in a bag, including:
    • cell phones
    • media players
    • headphones (unless explicitly allowed for the exam)
    • drinks (only bottled water allowed)

Academic Integrity

Please make sure you are familiar with the University’s Academic Integrity policy. Additional expectations for academic integrity in the eTesting Lab include:

Empty desktop (except materials allowed by your instructor)
Presence at assigned station (except necessary visits to the restroom)
Silence (no talking with other students)
Solitary work (no collaboration or communication with other students)
Bags out of reach (stowed under desk or on top shelf)

If a student is out of compliance with any of these conduct expectations, staff members will initiate corrective action and report it to your instructor.

ADA Accommodations

Please arrange accommodations with your instructor in advance so that you do not need to self-identify in public during check-in. To ensure your privacy, please have your instructor notify Testing Center staff prior to each exam that you will need any of the following accommodations:

  • Wheelchair access
  • Adjustable height station
  • A station in the Quiet Room
  • Extra time

Choose Exam Time

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Fall & Spring: Mon - Fri, 8:00A - 11:00P1
Maymester/Summer: Mon - Thurs, 9:00A - 3:00P2

1Due to low demand, hours are reduced for the first two weeks of the semester

2Open when summer finals fall on a Friday