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New information about Canvas Available! – Updated information about setting exam start time, pre-exam linking deadline, exam naming and more. Click + Canvas Exams on the homepage for more details.

Hiding Individual Question Responses – If you don't want students to see what they answered (and the correct answer) for each question after they submit their exam, uncheck the "Let students see their quiz responses" check box. Learn more in this Canvas Knowledgebase article.

Embedding a Document or a Calculator in a Canvas Exam – Step-by-step instructions are now available in this Canvas Knowledgebase article.

Guidance for Merging Canvas Course Sections

Canvas Status – Stay up-to-date on Canvas's current status http://status.instructure.com/

Location: Pollock Building

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8:00A - 11:00P, Monday through Friday

May 20-Aug 9 Schedule

9:00A - 3:00P, Tuesday through Thursday
9:00A - 3:00P, 6/24 & 8/9 for Finals

Closed on University holidays

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