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We are now accepting Maymester/Summer 2017 eTesting Requests.

***NOTE***Exam schedule requests are accepted one month prior to the beginning of classes each semester (or the closest business day if the date falls on a weekend). Exam scheduling requests will open at 9:00 a.m. on the following dates:

Semester First Day of Classes eTesting Exam Requests Opens
Spring 2017 January 9 December 9
Summer/Maymester 2017 May 8 April 7
Fall 2017 August 21 July 21

Please use our scheduling form Opens in new window to submit your request. If you have questions about the scheduling process, please email us at eTest@psu.edu.

After you've scheduled your exam, your students will receive an email from us at least one week prior to the start of your exam. This e-mail contains a link to the scheduling webpage where students select their testing time slot. We will also send automated reminder messages to students who do not register for your exam.

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Configure Your ANGEL Exam for Use in the Testing Center Configure Your ANGEL Exam for Use in the Testing Center

Please visit our Creating ANGEL Assessments for the Testing Center page where you'll find step-by-step instructions for the settings you'll need for getting your test ready for the Testing Center. Additional assistance is available by contacting ANGEL Help.Opens in new window


Please remember to set your exam's start time 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time to allow for student check in.


Please do not edit your exam while it is actively in use (this means from the earliest through the latest date/time access is allowed). Changes made after any students access the exam will cause data corruption issues and loss of student answers.


Distribution of exam handouts by Testing Center staff cannot be accommodated. Visit "Embedding Images from Paper Handouts into ANGEL Exams" to learn how to incorporate your handouts into your exam.


Distribution of calculators by Testing Center staff cannot be accommodated. Visit "Embedding a Calculator into ANGEL Exams" to learn how to incorporate a calculator directly into your exam. Even if you allow your students to bring their own calculator, we highly recommend configuring a calculator into your exam.

Canvas Exam Settings Coming Soon: Exam Settings for Canvas Exams in the Testing Center

This is our current working draft of information for Exam Settings for Canvas Exams delivered in the Testing Center. New information will be posted as it becomes available.


We have learned that there currently isn't an option to embed a calculator in a Canvas exam. We continue explore options, but until something becomes available you will have to either allow your students to bring their own calculator or provide a supply of calculators for your students—we do not have a supply available in the Testing Center and we don't have the staffing to distribute/collect them.

Makeup Exams Makeup Exams

If you need to schedule a makeup exam, please visit the Faculty Makeup page. Opens in new window Please note, we cannot accommodate make-up exams during finals week.

Final Exams Final Exams

To request a secure eTest for your final exam, your department should use the standard process for requesting finals. Select the 'eTesting' option in LionPATH even if you expect to be scheduled in an overflow secure STEC lab (while space is limited in the eTesting Lab, the only way to schedule a secure final exam is to select 'eTesting'). Do not select STEC in your final exam request or you will be scheduled by the Registrar in an STEC that does not have the secure browser installed.

Please use a format for the exam title that includes final, the semester and year (e.g., SP 15, Fall 2015), and the course (e.g., STAT 200, MGMT 301). This helps students log into the correct exam when it is scheduled in an overflow secure STEC lab and it also allows the Testing Center staff to identify the correct exam when checking security settings.

Please visit the University's Final Exam policy Opens in new window for more information.

eTesting Lab Finals

Final exam requests are prioritized for scheduling in the eTesting Lab based on the following:

  1. courses that had previous exams held in the eTesting lab that semester
  2. course enrollment size (normally above 500)
  3. date request was received (first come, first served)

After the eTesting Lab is filled for finals week, all other courses are referred to the Registar's Office for assignment to overflow secure STEC labs (labs that have the secure, lock-down browser installed). All secure eTest final exams scheduled in secure STEC labs are the standard 110 minutes in duration.

Final exams in the eTesting lab are scheduled to occur over the course of the entire day, 8:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.† In order to include as many final exams as possible, exam times are limited to 90 minutes or less (60-75 minute exams are preferred).† If your exam is scheduled in the Pollock eTesting Lab, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions. Notifications are also sent to the students to let them know to register for a time slot.† Students are responsible for selecting time slots in the eTesting Lab that do not conflict with their other final exams.

Secure STEC Lab Finals

During finals week the university reserves a set number of additional computer labs to accommodate overflow secure testing for courses that have used the eTesting Lab during the semester. Secure STEC labs have a computer workstation for each student. Each computer station has the secure, lock-down browser installed. Unlike the finals in the Pollock eTesting Lab, there is no onsite staff, no check-in process, and exams are scheduled for specified times according to the normal final exam schedule.†

Although these labs use the same secure browser as the eTesting Lab, students may see more than one secure exam listed when they login, including their scheduled exam. †Students may sit at any computer, but only students in your course will be able to access your final exam. Once the student selects the correct exam, s/he will have access only to the secure exam.

Because of these functional differences, there are a few housekeeping items to do or check. For information about final exam set up in ANGEL using our recommended settings, please go to http://www.testing.psu.edu/pdf/ANGEL_Exam_Settings_for_STEC.pdf.

Before Exam Day

  • Once your exam is configured in ANGEL, we will link your exam to automate the configuration of the secure settings and ensure they coincide with the schedule and room assignments.
  • A CLC process will set the exam start/end times and add the correct IP address filter for your exams according to the Registrarís schedule for your exam. †This prevents students from accessing the exam prior to the start time or from another location.
  • Notify your students, in advance, of any items they are allowed to bring into the exam (e.g., calculators, scrap paper, etc.).
  • If your exam is in multiple buildings, assign students to a specific room in advance. The simplest way to do this is to create student teams in ANGEL where the team name equals the room assignment. Please allow space for moving a user in the event of a computer issue (room capacity is listed in the table below).

STEC Lab Room Capacities

Room Number of Seats Room Number of Seats
111 Boucke 80 112 Boucke 52
214 Boucke 82 4 Life Sciences 48
6 Life Sciences 24 7 Life Sciences 38
64 Willard 60 71 Willard 32
1 Forest Resources 30 202 Chambers 24

During the Exam

  • Write your exam title on the board. This is particularly helpful for students who may have more than one exam to pick from.
  • Provide a proctor for each room you are assigned. Your proctor should arrive 15 minutes prior to your examís start time in case your students have questions.
  • While it is rare that there are technical problems, we recommend that you have a percentage of paper exams on hand. Even if this happens, please remember your exam needs to finish at a specified time and there is little to no opportunity to reschedule.
  • Technical support is available by phone (814-777-0035) and can be at the classroom within a few minutes, if needed.†

Exams with Special Accommodations Exams with Special Accommodations

Students requiring special accommodations should contact the Student Disability Resources (SDR) office, who will assist them with their specific needs. If you have students who need extra time for their exams, follow the instructions available in this ANGEL knowledge base article. Opens in new window

eTesting Lab Exams with Additional Time

The eTesting lab can accommodate students needing additional exam time during the course of the semester and for finals.† Refer to the knowledge base article above for configuring ANGEL for SDR teams.

STEC Lab Final Exams with Additional Time

STEC rooms are scheduled for 110 minute exams. You are responsible for making alternate arrangements for students who require additional time to complete your exam.

Choose Exam Time

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Fall & Spring: Mon - Fri, 8:00A - 11:00P1
Maymester/Summer: Mon - Thurs, 9:00A - 3:00P2

1Due to low demand, hours are reduced for the first two weeks of the semester

2Open when summer finals fall on a Friday